In the very beginning Frederik Buettgen gained his first own experiences focusing on monochrome portraits. Back then his portraits already featured a remarkable clear conceptual straightness.
Within his study period in Kiel he joined the class of Dirk Reinartz and benefitted strongly from the experienced input and the extension of his technical and creative opportunities. Dirk Reinartz realised his portraying skills and challenged him to discover new territories. Henceforward he developed his landscape skills especially in terms of composition. His first serial landscape shots - puristic, to the point, extremely graphic - came into existence. The image of humans became less important in that certain time, the focus was mainly on straight lines, striking alignments, moderate appliance of colour and the beauty of dull. Since then, Frederik Büttgen concentrated on serials developing his present skills exceedingly. In that time he discovered larger formats and the opportunities of large format cameras.
He was enthusiastic about the stunning richness of details and the plenty of specifications to achieve an even more intense artistic effect. In this connection the digital editing of his works in terms of a sensible stylistic device became more and more important. The image editing within the creative process was effectively developed and improved at that time to complement his technical and formal mastery.

Today this component is an indispensable part of his artistic work to make the distinguishing
impressive effect of a great illusion possible.

So far Frederik Buettgen´s work was represented and provided on the basis of a producer´s gallery.

1981 born in Duesseldorf
2004 study of photography and graphic
at the Muthesius Art College, Kiel
class of Dirk Reinartz
2009 working as photographer
2010 opening of the atelier FREDERIK BUETTGEN

lives and works in Duesseldorf